Speaker Topics and Information


Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren Md: Skin Science

Ecopolitan:  The New Key to Anti-Aging Medicine

  • Why do moles, skin tags, risky spots, and other blemishes grow on your skin?
  • What does the new science of skin health reveal about the secrets of longevity and disease prevention?
  • How will simple, objective, non-invasive cutting-edge diagnostic tools revolutionize your overall health?
  • What are the best therapies for youthful skin, brain and body?

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Alaya Heather Crystal

Omnium Universe and Multimedia

Consciousness-based and Experiential Multimedia: “I AM THE UNIVERSE, I AM LOVE

  • This presentation will include a showing of the short film “I AM THE UNIVERSE, I AM LOVE” is a cheap authentic jerseys 3D animated, all-CG short film on the multi-layered maps of the universe and consciousness. The viewer is taken on a journey through the stunning visuals and breathtaking ray ban sunglasses sounds of the cosmos from “Source” back to Earth. This journey is meant to awaken a remembrance of our human incarnation and our perpetual connection to the universe and to Source. The film is unique in the contemplative and “Experiential Cinema” genre because it allows the viewer to become immersed in the images and sounds, bypassing the analytical and linear mind. This process results in various experiences ranging from unconditional love, profound healing, spiritual awakening to total oneness with the universe and the Divine. This is transformational entertainment at its best!

Ambessa Negus

Your Numbers Up – Secrets of Numerology Revealed.

  • Your Numbers Up: Secrets of Numerology Revealed is a journey into a blend of Hebrew Chaldean Numerology, Astrology and The Mathematic System of the Islamic Nation of Gods and Earths (5% Nation). Ambessa presents how numbers, planets and signs affect our everyday lives and thus can serve as powerful life navigation tools.


Dr Anna Stid


How to be Your Own Best Wellness Physician in the Comfort of Your Home using Plant Medicines!

  • Empowering Natural Solutions and resources to address your health concerns at your finger tips!
  • Learn to use cost effective ( we’re talking Pennies to the dollar) solutions to common everyday concerns that give Side Benefits Vs Sides plus turn your Home into A Spa while doing it!
  • Participants will get to experience first hand the benefits of Natural Plant Medicines as high grade quality Essential Oils.

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Bethanne Wanamaker

Edible Goddess

Celebrity Chef Live Recipe Demo

  • Bethanne Wanamaker is the founder of Edible Goddess, creator of the cheap jerseys Chocolate Goldies cheap ray bans & Chocolate Gold, is a holistic nutrition & conscious lifestyle educator and author of multiple recipe books. She lives to inspire you to become the absolute best and healthiest expression of yourself. Bethanne teaches others how to activate their highest potential as an inspirational speaker and how to use high vibrational food, mindful lifestyle choices, and an awakened mindset as the catalysts for a wildly amazing life! Her delicious workshops have won the amazing award for “awesome classes as seen on Ellen” (the Ellen Degeneres show).


Karine Brighten

Brighten Up Fittness

Learn how to stretch and foam roll!

  • Types of stretching to do before and after a workout
  • How to properly warm-up and cool down
  • Effective total body functional cheap nfl jerseys movements you can do anywhere
  • How to use a foam roller for self-myofascial release (SMR)

Christina Robohm

Yoga In Your Workplace. Christina  shares simple, low-impact yoga practices that can be done in regular clothes without a yoga mat for energy, nhất digestion, focus, balance, a good night’s sleep and so much more. Her 25 minute presentation is ideal for anyone interested in a daily yoga practice without leaving the cheap jerseys office or home.

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Chitvan Malik


The Importance of Microcirculation

  • Optimal Microcirculation is crucial for our lives. As we get older, blood vessels stiffen resulting in poor microcirculation which triggers all kind of illnesses. A breakthrough discovery from Germany invites us to age happily with Bemer Technology. It is a long-term solution that allows the body to naturally heal and protect ray bans sale itself.

Chitvan Malik, a wellness educator for over 20 years, will provide us with an inspiring presentation on how we can optimize microcirculation, have more energy, better metabolic waste removal, and therefore a better life quality. This can make a huge difference not just for mature and elderly people, but also for children, athletes and even for pets.

Isa GlitterGirl

Temple Of Poi

Introduction to Poi

  • Temple of Poi is dedicated to supporting a community of individuals seeking greater understanding of them Selves through movement and cheap jordan flow arts. We are consciously creating an environment for exploring balance and harmony of mind, body and spirit through dance, meditation and performance while we inspire each other to evolve toward realizing Self in expression as flow artists.  Please join us for this Introduction to Poi Spinning class.


Jak Nobel

Touching Chi

Three Chi Keys to the Belly-Mind Connection

Many people experience a sense oakley outlet of disconnection from their bellies. Lacking the ability to communicate, they misunderstand the internal signals cheap oakley sunglasses coming from the belly. They struggle with their inner belly-mind connection and they experience abdominal discomfort. Sound Familiar?

Is it challenging for you to interpret the signals that you receive from your belly? Is it hard for you to believe that cravings or discomforts, pangs or gurgles are communications? Wouldn’t you like to have clarity around your mind-belly connections so that you can hear, understand and heal yourself?

In this workshop, you will:

  •        Enhance your energetic awareness skills so that you can easily interpret body signals
  •        You will discover a process for interacting positively with your internal organs
  •        You will learn a hands-on technique for reducing stress and enhancing digestive flow

You will leave with:

  •        Self-help techniques
  •        More awareness of your internal organs
  •        New tools to increase inner communications
  •        A Cheap Football Jerseys new approach to listening to your belly
  •        A new relationship with your internal self
  •        A new way of being comfortable with the way you are right now

This workshop is for you if:

  •        Your belly is giving you uncomfortable signals, pains, upsets and discomforts
  •        You experience anxiety on a regular basis
  •        You’re experiencing sleep disorders and subsequent low energy
  •        You wonder why you cannot curb certain cravings
  •        You seek to change habits that no longer serve you, such as pills, drugs, alcohol, smoking, overeating or other coping mechanisms


Jen Healy and The Quantum Playground presents...

Quantum-playtion: Accessing your Power, Purpose and Passion through Play

“Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.” – Joseph Chilton Pearce

I truly believe jordan sale this next wave of consciousness will come through embodied, empowered play- that’s Cheap Jerseys how important it is to play!  In this new paradigm, for us to understand and take in information, it needs to become Embodied Wisdom, not just mental knowing.

In this presentation, I will share my journey with you of how and why I’m merging science and spirituality.  I will talk about the many health benefits of these Quantum Play Practices as well as allow time for interactive, hands-on experiences.  I will give lots of examples of how you can live in optimal radiant health while increasing your “fun factor”.

Questions I often asked myself:

How can I combine my love for science with my passion for the spiritual path?  How can I affect people’s lives in a positive way through the understanding of energy and the healing power of the body?  How can I encourage people to enjoy their bodies and lives more through the importance of play and conscious movement while still giving it depth and meaning?

The answer:

The Quantum Playground™

The Quantum Playground™ is a revolutionary way of bringing more embodied play and conscious movement to normal exercise routines and physical activities. The Quantum Playground is a portal of fun, a sculpture of infinite ways to play, a stunning work of art, built according to Sacred Geometry. It’s a monument to the Golden Mean, of Divine Proportion, and a symbol of the Human Quest for Enlightenment. It’s out-of-this-world fun when blended with Yoga Monkey Bars and Aerial Yoga Swings.

This interactive play structure will surprise and delight you with infinite ways to play while strengthening and stretching every level of your being.

JEN HEALY is a leader in “Quantum Energetics.” She has focused her mastery on bridging the gap between science, spirituality, and the healing arts.  She combines her Master’s in Electrical Engineering cheap jerseys and Physics with numerous wisdom tools from Eastern and Western philosophies to offer a unique style of Being Engineering and Energy Management.

As the founder and creatrix of The Quantum Playground, Aerial Yoga Play, Zen Healyng and Healyng Technologies, she offers over 15 years of experience bringing together the best information and excellence in Quantum Healyng Technologies, Energetics/Energy Management, Advanced Body Therapy, Conscious Movement, Empowerment and Evolutionary practices.

She is dedicated to advancing the healing arts through a blending of spirituality, somatics, nutrition, yoga therapy, dance, movement, and meditation with the sciences.  Her love for sacred geometry and quantum physics inform and inspire her work.  As a pioneer and revolutionary, she strives to embody this new wave of Conscious Movement to awaken the body, mind, and soul connection.

Lisa Books-Williams

Celebrity Chef Demo with “2013 Vegan Iron Chef Winner”


Taber Shadburne

Radical Honesty: Transforming Your Life by Telling the Truth